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For this edition of Gurl Gaze Tokyo, we meet Nana, who works at a thrift shop. Here, she shares her opinion on what makes a solid style as well as her feelings towards Tokyo fashion today.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Nana: I’m Nana Kuroda. I was born in 1999 in Tokyo, and am 19 years old this year. Right now, I work at a vintage clothing shop in Shimokitazawa. I like to look for new music, watch movies, and read books that showcase humanity. Nice to meet you!

Nowadays SNS (social networking services) has become an addictive tool in our lives. (We actually found you through Instagram). How often do you use Instagram?
Nana: About 80 percent of the day is spent on Instagram.

YEOJA Mag - Nana - Girl Gaze Tokyo - Text and Photography by Pu
Photography: Pu

Some people share their outfits on Instagram and others share their artwork. How do you use it?
Nana: Instead of uploading pictures of myself for fun, I like to absorb all kinds of things there, feeling the vibe of an image and also looking at posts from fashion enthusiasts detailing their outfits.

For our generation, it’s common for people to upload all sorts of things to their SNS, good or bad. What do you think about this? Are there merits or demerits to using SNS? 
Nana: I think of all the uploaded posts on people’s SNS as their artwork. In terms of the ‘merit’ of this behaviour, I would say the opportunity of getting to know people you are unable to meet in real life is provided by the platform. It lets us express ourselves no matter how minor the matters are.

On the other hand, the ‘demerit’ would be the danger of letting someone you’ve never met make assumptions about you. But the best way to deal with that is to not care! I myself have never cared.

YEOJA Mag - Nana - Girl Gaze Tokyo - Text and Photography by Pu
Photography: Pu

Who influences your fashion style?
Nana: A Japanese model called Nana makes big statements through her outfits. It’s easy to see that her distinct style has conveyed her personality well. With that being said, I think my style and personality aren’t easily influenced by others. Watching movies and reading books gradually bring out my ideal self … that’s how I became who I am today.

How do you define your personal style? Can you share with us the inspiration/idea behind this OOTD?
Nana: Although street fashion is my go-to option, I don’t connect my style to a specific label, I just wear what I want. Because I’m going for a stylish look today, I chose a t-shirt from my favourite brand PERVERZE, and paired it with a black coat I fell in love with from the store I work at.

Is there a style you’d like to try next? If so, what is it?
Nana: I’d like to try out some outfits that emphasize my silhouette, also a ‘gurly style’ as well. For my hair, I want to dye my fringe white and dye the rest of my hair black. I have been inspired to get this hairstyle after seeing @keeganlove6.

YEOJA Mag - Nana - Girl Gaze Tokyo - Text and Photography by Pu
Photography: Pu

What do you think of Tokyo’s fashion? How does its identity compare to others?
Nana: I think the kids who are into Tokyo’s fashion do not necessarily follow certain trends or hype. Everyone here just wears stuff they like and shines bright like a diamond. That’s why everyone is unique.

In your opinion, what is the trend among Tokyo’s youth nowadays?
Nana: I don’t really know the trend, but the one I’m interested in is oversized jackets.

What does “fashion” mean to you? And what kind of role does it have in your daily life?
Nana: It is the only tool of self-expression for me. Because painting hasn’t been my strength, I couldn’t express myself through that method. Fashion is just for the sake of pleasing myself  dyeing my hair and changing my outfit — instead of trying to appeal to others.

YEOJA Mag - Nana - Girl Gaze Tokyo - Text and Photography by Pu
Photography: Pu

What kind of style do you identify as “good”? How do people find a suitable style for themselves?
Nana: Just wear the clothes that you like. That’s all. Don’t put on something that you don’t feel comfortable in, because that will always turn out to be a bad fit for you. You see so many clothes and imagine what will your look be like, and wear what you had imagined is good. People who don’t over-dress and wear something that suits them perfectly are the people that I admire.

Can you recommend some clothing stores in Tokyo to our readers who may visit them someday in the future?
Nana: I’ve been following the brand PERVERZE before they had begun their [official] business. Even though they don’t have an offline shop yet, they’re known to many people. I keep the name of the shop [I work at] from others, but the popularity of PERVERZE just keeps expanding, which I find unbelievable.

YEOJA Mag - Nana - Girl Gaze Tokyo - Text and Photography by Pu
Photography: Pu

What is your go-to item recently?
I have been loving the ‘silhouette’ and the spectacular details of clothing. They are often seen in Japanese fashion brands.

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