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Celestial Festival 2022
Artwork by: Tessa Curran

Past Events:

Past Talks:

Sex Work with Chiqui Love and Dasa Hink took place on the 8th of March 2021 (Saturday). @yeoja_mag and @transmodernity teamed up for a chat with erotic performer and founder of the East London and Berlin Strippers Collective Chiqui Love (@chiquilovelovelove) and multidisciplinary artist, musician, and dominatrix Dasa Hink (@dasa_hink).

The goal of this conversation was to be both informative and to de-mystify sex work for those not working in the industry.

Lula from @transmodernity and Rae from @yeoja_mag chatted with Chiqui Love and Dasa about the way in which the industry has changed (for the better and for the worst) as well as what has stayed the same since COVID-19.

Love Talk with Tianna Strickland took place on the 13th of February 2021 (Saturday). YEOJA Mag spoke with Tianna Strickland (@tstrickland716) about her recently self-published book, “Hearts Will Be Broken.”

Following this discussion, we will dove deeper into the nature of love, the history of Valentine’s Day, and how to make the most of this year’s Valentine’s Day (in spite of the pressures you may or may not be experiencing) during the pandemic (should you choose to celebrate in any way you see fit). Don’t worry, this ain’t your Hallmark Card interpretation.

YEOJA Mag workshop series

The work that we do has always been done with the community in mind. And we are so happy to have such an incredible core group of volunteers which allows us to continue to produce content online for you to enjoy.

But we have always wanted to take things offline as well to offer different opportunities for our community that are more interactive and helpful in different ways. This is what made our launch event last year so special.

With the current state of the world, we are unable to currently offer offline events, but we have decided to kick start our series PASS IT ON via Zoom, so that we can continue to build our community in more interactive ways despite the pandemic. This also allows us to open up participation outside of Berlin!

PASS IT ON series

We wanted to figure out a way to make our community more interactive and create more free resources for those who could benefit from them. Thus, we have created a series of workshops which will be led by some of the incredible folx we have interviewed who are open to passing on their knowledge.

We are offering the YEOJa community the chance to come together and learn from various educators. Workshops will be given on anything from learning a new skill, to focusing on personal well being, to striving for professional growth.

Special priority will be given to BIPOC, queer, femme, and non-binary folx, as well as those struggling financially.

Previous PASS IT ON workshops:

Our fourth PASS IT ON workshop took place on the 14th of August 2021 (Saturday) with exclusively LGBTQIA+ talent agency, uns* (@wirsinduns ) and was run by founders Cora Hamilton (they/them) and Max Weiland (they/he).

Stereotypical standards of thinness, whiteness, able-bodiedness, wealth and the gender binary create huge barriers for BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, disabled and plus size models, and uns* was conceptualised out of a need for specialised representation of LGBTQIA+ folx from all backgrounds. Building a portfolio, working with an agency, red flags to look out for, social media presence, and more – we want to share our knowledge of the industry and our tips for refining your skills and strategies to pursue a career in modelling. Together we share a vision of transforming representation in fashion and media into what it can and should be. (Level: Beginner-Intermediate)


Our third PASS IT ON workshop will took place on the 8th of May (Saturday) 2021 with Berlin-based yoga instructor Genevieve Ataro (@genevievezena_) at 13:00-14:30 (CET) and was co-hosted with Joy Space Berlin (@joyspace_berlin).

Genevieve took everyone through a yoga flow focused on self discovery and self care. She also focused on how to combine self care with community care and social justice. (Level: All)


Our second PASS IT ON workshop took place on the 30th of January (Saturday) 2021. Berlin-based business woman and owner/founder of Not Too Sweet Lisa went through her step-by-step guide to starting an online business. She lead attendees through defining the perfect product/service to sell online, to branding and creating a website without costing you a fortune. (Level: Beginners)


Our first PASS IT ON workshop took place on the 19th of December (Saturday) 2020. South African music producer Rose Bonica showed aspiring producers with a basic understanding of Ableton ways to recreate sounds, use Ableton resampling and send/return tracks to manipulate what you hear, and explore how sometimes your biggest mistakes are your greatest creations. (Level: intermediate)