Non Native Native Fair

Non Native Native Fair

An experimental hybrid event celebrating Asian creative cultural practitioners

From the 26th of June until the 2nd of July, NON NATIVE NATIVE FAIR, an experimental hybrid event that will bring together Asian creative cultural practitioners from various backgrounds and disciplines, will be taking place online.

YEOJA wanted to highlight some of the participants who we feel our community will be interested in in preparation for the event. 

But first we wanted to share with you a bit more information about the actual fair: The event will be co-produced by Non Native Native (NNN), sōydivision, and Un.thai.tled. Non Native Native (NNN) is a cultural platform for Asian creatives in The Netherlands, sōydivision is a Berlin-based culinary collective consisting mainly of Indonesian artists, and Un.thai.tled is a Berlin-based cultural and cinema focused collective consisting of artists and creatives from Thailand and the Thai diaspora.     

Non Native Native Fair will be made up of two main components – a virtual fair where guests can purchase items from participants and a live presentation (consisting of live performances and pre-recorded content) For more detailed information, please refer to the Non Native Native Fair website. To tune in, please join NNNF on their online fairground at on 26 June–2 July 2021.

Non Native Native Fair Participants*

The following is a list of some of the Berlin-based participants that we think you will be interested in!
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Natyada Tawonsri Roller Derby Zine for BIPoC LGBTQIA+

Natyada Tawonsri (@nata_yada) was born in Bangkok in 1994 and grew up in Switzerland where they majored in Illustration for their Bachelor’s degree at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) in 2018. They are currently based in Hamburg for their Master’s in Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg). Since 2019, they are a member of the QTIBIPoC group Hamburg and in the same year they completed their qualification as an anti-discrimination facilitator at Dock Europe e.V. International Educational Center. From then on, they have worked as a freelance illustrator and workshop facilitator focusing on community-care. Back in 2017, they started Roller Derby in the local team in Lucerne and are solo skating since 2018, they are also one of the founding members of AIRE – Alliance for Inclusivity in Roller Derby within Europe.

Natyada will be offering AIRE’s zine for purchase. The zine is a starting point in centering voices, perspectives, stories, strategies, knowledge, and intersectional fights of BIPoC locating themselves on this continent in the predominantly cis white skate community. It creates a platform for BIPoC by BIPoC.

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Trang Nguyen Aufklärung zum Mitnehmen” PDF

Trang Nguyen (@triggidytrang, @metwogo) is a communication design student at State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart, Germany. Her focus lies on design conception and direction and print media. She hopes to find people to connect with and to share experiences and ideas. By sharing the #metwogo project, she believes that it could bring changes within a mainly white-dominated society. 

Trang Nguyen will be offering a donation-based educational PDF, called Aufklärung zum Mitnehmen, which is a tool to help readers educate themselves about anti-asian racism. The PDF will be offered in German, English, and Dutch. (For any other language, please get in touch with Trang for collaboration)

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Katharine Lin – Watercolor paintings

Katharine Lin (she/her) (@katharinerocks) is a second-generation Chinese-American visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. She also enjoys writing on the personal experience of moving through the world as an East Asian woman. In her paintings and writings, she explores her interests in the Asian diaspora and what it means to be “twice removed”—once from the China her parents and grandparents knew, and once more from the United States where she was born. 

Katharine will be presenting three new one-of-a-kind original watercolor paintings of rocks sourced from a dried riverbed in Sichuan province, China. She collected the physical rocks together with her mother and maternal grandfather in 2018.

Non Native Native Fair

mãi mãi collective x MSG & Friends – Bánh Mì Cooking Tutorial

mãi mãi collective (@maimaicollective) is the result of a special friendship between Kiệt Hoàng, Yến-Nhi Lê, Quang Trần, Tessa Yến Nguyễn, Bình-An Dương, Thiện Bình Nguyễn – six second generation Dutch Vietnamese. The collective is a special partnership which is nourished by the same fascination to educate and positively impact the (Vietnamese) community on the intersection of new media, food & community empowerment and the appreciation of Vietnamese culture.

MSG & Friends (@msgandfriends) is a Berlin-based, queer-led, independently organised collective that seeks to empower artists of Asian heritage. The initiative was built to empower the local artists of Asian-heritage by providing event spaces and performance opportunities where a greater degree of safety and understanding for BiPoC could be experienced. As MSG & Friends continued, the collective have been lucky and privileged to have been afforded the chance to expand their reach across international borders.   

NNN31 mãi mãi collective x MSG & Friends will be offering a video cooking tutorial (as well as a poster and stickers) Let them whisk you along in this historical journey, from past to contemporary, with this artistic rendering of one of Vietnam’s most traditional folk recipes.

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Queerberg Collective – Drag Workshop, Belly Dance Workshop, Performance

Queerberg Collective (@queerberg_soliparty) is a collective founded by House Of Royals bringing refugee performers to give them space to express their Art, since it was hard for them because of a variety of reasons such as language difficulties, racism etc. As a group of refugees, Queerberg Collective also has a deep mental connection and understanding with each other, bonding over their shared trauma. The members support each other emotionally and validate their experiences, while acting as one another’s family.

Queerberg Collective will be offering a drag workshop, belly dance workshop, and a performance. Their art proves that the label “refugee” doesn’t have any limitations on what they are capable of.

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Shannon Liang – print and film

Arising from a process of observation, documentation, and repeated looking, and drawing on quotidian and widely accessible mediums of phone photography and video, Shannon Liang’s (@shannon.shan) multidisciplinary practice focuses on mundanity and the ephemeral, notably in the interaction between humans and other living beings. Recent works apply a perspective of empathy and vulnerability, exploring the power structures inherent in horticultural practices. Previously NY-based, currently an MFA candidate at Piet Zwart Institute: Lens-Based Media in Rotterdam.

Shannon will be offering her video work, The Sun Burns An Image Into My Eye, alongside prints and cyanotypes.

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Ratri Notosudirdjo performance, workshop

Ratri Notosudirdjo (@saynotosu) was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Following her family’s immigration, she was raised in different towns and cities across North America. Returning to Indonesia at the age of 14 marked a paradigm shift, shaping the mechanism of her cultural switch.

Her research and practice engage in de- and postcolonial theory, centering on contemporary mechanisms of the cultural and poetic identity and often forming new languages, new rituals or new meanings from them. The works reconstruct these new forms through the exchange and bridging of cultural realities, resulting from cross-disciplinary work processes that engage collaboration with an array of young creatives in Rotterdam. 

Performances, text and interventions are often the result of these crossings. Currently, she is engaged in organising artistic interventions with Stichting JUNCTION, a platform dedicated to creating art interventions from interdisciplinary research initiatives from and by cultural workers, artists and researchers in The Netherlands. 

Ratri will be offering Waterfalls and Sparring Scars a performance and workshop session that transforms stories of migrational narratives into a quilted network. Each session is held one-on-one with the artist with the aim to produce a quilt piece. 

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Kexin Hao – Film

Kexin Hao (@kexin_hao) is a visual artist and designer born in Beijing and based in the Hague. Her practice is a marriage of graphic design and autonomous projects involving performance and public engaging art. Kexin’s work is a constant swing between intimate close-up on personal stories and zoom-out to collective narratives; between a past of political heaviness and a flashy modernity rendered in humour and sarcasm. 

Kexin will be offering a video essay that raises the questions: How are political ideologies shaped by bodily semiotics? How does one’s body memory become an integral part of hegemonic historical narratives? And how do we inhabit a historical, archival, and totalised body? through an observation on the mass physical exercises, choreography, sports, and socialist routines/rituals in China from the 1950s onwards. 

*We would like to make a correction: We originally stated that the list of participants were Berlin-based. The list of participants are both from the Netherlands and Berlin. 

Images kindly provided by Non Native Native and participants. To keep up with The Non Native Native Fair on Instagram, click here. For more event-related posts, click here.