YEOJA MAG IS NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ANY NEW TEAM MEMBERS OR INTERNSHIPS. However, you can feel free to apply and we will get to your applications once this changes.


YEOJA Mag is always on the hunt for new talent regardless of age or experience. If you’re a writer, illustrator, photographer, or all-around creative with an interest in creating original content around intersectional feminist issues, we’d love to feature your work on site. For each role available, be sure to click the link and fill out the appropriate application form. Successful applicants will be contacted.

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Media Partnerships

YEOJA Mag is made possible through an international network of thinkers, activists, creatives, and leaders. Partnerships and collaborations are integral to our work. If you’re looking to conduct a media partnership, and/or event collaboration with YEOJA Mag, we’re all ears. All we ask is that you provide at least four weeks notice and some background information.

**YEOJA Mag is an independent publication. All roles, pitches, submissions, and internships are conducted on a voluntary basis.