How to Pitch

YEOJA Mag is always on the hunt for new talent regardless of age or experience. If you’re a writer, illustrator, photographer, or all-around creative with an interest in creating original content around intersectional feminist issues, we’d love to feature your work on site.

For Writers

If you have an original idea you’re itching to share with us, here’s how you can grab our attention:

  • Please e-mail all original pitches to with the subject: “ARTICLE PITCH:” followed by a working title
  • Pitches should be no more than 250 words and should include a description of the proposed article, any relevant hyperlinks, three previous sample pieces, a short writer’s bio, and your website/Instagram handle
  • All pitches should be original and previously unpublished
  • All submissions are on a voluntary basis

YEOJA is not accepting poetry, short stories, or flash fiction at this time.

For Artists

If you’re looking to create and share your original artwork for YEOJA’s written pieces*, follow the steps below:

  • Please e-mail all original artwork to with the subject “ARTWORK PITCH:” followed by the medium (digital, illustration, painting etc)
  • Pitches should be more no more than 250 words and include a description of your artwork style, proposed ideas and a short artist CV
  • Please attach a portfolio (no bigger than 2 GB) with your website and/or Instagram handle
  • All artwork should be original and previously unpublished
  • All submissions are on a voluntary basis

* Successful applicants will be contacted to curate original material for one of YEOJA’s written articles. YEOJA is not accepting submissions for artist profiles at this time. 


Staff Member

If you would like to produce regular content for YEOJA, you should apply for a team member position. Ideal candidates will be Berlin-based, dedicate at least 7 hours a week, and have proven experience in media and publishing. The following positions are available:

  • 2 x Staff Writers
  • 2 x Staff Illustrators/Artists
  • 2 x In-house Photographers
  • 2 x In-house Stylists

If interested:

  • Please e-mail with the subject line “TEAM MEMBER APPLICATION” followed by the position you’re applying for.
  • Applications should be no more than 300 words and include a CV, portfolio, and any relevant hyperlinks and references.
  • All staff member positions are on a voluntary basis.


YEOJA is looking for interns to curate in-house content. This includes conducting research, manning our social media accounts, and taking a hands-on approach alongside our Editorial team. The internship is Berlin-based and will last for 3 months. If interested, here’s how you can apply:

  • Please e-mail with the subject “INTERN APPLICATION” followed by your name and your current location
  • Pitches should be no more than 250 words and include why you’re applying for a YEOJA Internship, CV, skills, and previous experience
  • Please attach any relevant work, references, or hyperlinks
  • All internships are on a voluntary basis.
  • Remote internships (outside of Berlin, Germany) are also possible. Please enquire when sending your application.